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Cleanroom Construction Materials
Cleanroom Construction Materials

Cleanroom Level:FS209E 100-100,000 / ISO 5-8
Place of Manufacture:Wuxi, China
Available Sizes:Customized to Fit your Needs
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E-Clean Cleanroom Construction Materials

Steel plate sandwich board panels are the main components of modern cleanroom walls and ceilings. These panels are most suitable for cleanroom construction for three main reasons. First, they resist dust collection. Second, they are easy to clean. Third, there are relatively few seams and joints between adjacent panels, which allows for an airtight seal. Other advantages of steel sandwich board panels are their relatively light weight, durability, ease of installation, and flexibility (easy to take down and reuse in another location). Our steel sandwich board panels are available with EPS, rock wool, aluminum honeycomb, magnesium, and magnesium oxysulfate fireproof insulation.








EPS Insulated Steel Sandwich Board Panels

Combustibility Rating B2 (fire-resistant)


E-Clean Aluminum Cleanroom Construction Materials

E-Clean offers a wide variety of aluminum cleanroom construction materials, including: interior arc aluminum, exterior arc aluminum, circular arc aluminum, PVC bases, aluminum bases, single and double door seal strips, crimped aluminum wire, R-beams, I-beams, T-beams, corner strips, and many other important cleanroom construction components. All of our aluminum products are high-quality and engineered to meet international cleanroom construction standards.




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