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Tabletop Style Clean Bench
Tabletop Style Clean Bench

Cleanliness Level:FS209E 100 / ISO 5
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Product Details

E-Clean Clean Bench Overview

Clean benches are commonly found in cleanroom environments in many different modern industries such as optics, cosmetics, and medical instruments. E-Clean clean benches are easy to use, simple to install, and super efficient. Our VD/HD-series of tabletop clean benches can accommodate one or two users. The VD/HD-series employs an advanced air filtration and anti-static system along with quiet fan technology to produce a constant stream of pure air that will provide you with an ultra clean workspace.

 E-Clean Clean Benches use energy-efficient, high-performance variable drive fan units and high-efficiency, durable HEPA filters that remove over 99.9995% of contaminants from the air. As opposed to our traditional VS and HS series of free-standing clean benches, the VD and HD series can be mounted to an existing desk or tabletop, which allows for added convenience and mobility.



 E-Clean Clean Bench Advantages

(1) Quality

We use German EBMpabst fan motors to ensure efficiency and durability. Variable speed drive means up to 50% savings in energy costs, while high-quality design allows for minimal maintenance and up to 50,000 hours of use.

(2) Design

Our clean benches feature a working surface with rounded corners constructed of 100% SUS304 stainless steel and 5 mm-thick barrier glass. We design our clean benches with the user experience in mind.

(3) Customizable

We can accomodate any special client requests when it comes to clean bench designs and accessories--up to and including building a connectable 100-level (ISO 5) "assembly line" of clean benches. Our convenient control panel allows the user(s) to adjust fan speed at any time.

(4) Standardized

All clean benches leaving our factory must first pass inspection to ensure compliance with FS209E level 100 (ISO 5).


How to Maintain Your Clean Bench

(1) Remember to clean your initial air filter once every 3-6 months (depending on usage).

(2) If you notice that you cannot achieve the desired air speed after cleaning your filter, turn up the knob that controls fan power. For a new clean bench, this should be set at 80-90V. 。

(3) HEPA filters are typically designed to last for ~18 months. If you notice that after 18 months you are having trouble achieving desired air speed even with the fan pressure turned all the way up, it means that your filter is full of particles and needs to be changed.

(4) When changing your HEPA filter, you should replace it with a filter of the exact same specifications, preferably from the same manufacturer.



YJ-HD/VD Tabletop Style Clean Bench Spec Sheet

Model YJ-HD-850 YJ-VD-850 YJ-HD-1340 YJ-VD-1340
Weight (kg) 55 55 80 80

Working Area 
LxWxH (mm)

830 x 420 x 600 830 x 520 x 650 1320 x 420 x 600 1320 x 520 x 650

Exterior Size 
LxWxH (mm)

850 x 700 x 720 850 x 550 x 990 1340 x 700 x 720 1340 x 580 x 990

Air Filter(s) 
LxWxH (mm)

770 x 600 x 50 (1) 800 x 460 x 50 (1) 630 x 460 x 50 (2) 630 x 460 x 50 (2)
Lighting 20W x 1 20W x 1 30W x 1 30W x 1
UV Lamp 20W x 1 20W x 1 30W x 1 30W x 1
Users 1 1 2 2



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