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Ozone Generators
Ozone Generators

Model:Ozone Generators
Material:Stainless Steel
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E-Clean YJ-K Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator Overview

Ozone (O3) is a gas that is extremely difficult to store, and it dissipates very quickly. Therefore, ozone generators are crucial for industries that require use of O3. Ozone has applications in a wide range of industries including drinking water, water treatment, oxidization, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical synthesis, and sterilization. Ozone produced by ozone generators can be used directly or processed with other equipment to undergo further chemical reactions.

How do Ozone Generators Work?

Ozone generators subject the oxygen molecules in the surrounding air to a high voltage current at a certain frequency, which causes a chemical reaction that creates O3.

Why is Ozone Important?

Ozone is a strong oxidizer that is universally recognized as an extremely effective sterilizing agent. Under the right conditions, Ozone can rapidly sterilize all bacteria in a given environment.


E-Clean Ozone Generator Features
Applications: Air Purification, Air Sterilization, Detoxification, Oxygenation and Odor Removal
Sterilization: Rapid environment bacteria and virus sterilization without secondary contamination
Detoxification: Effectively removes any residual pesticides from food products
Odor Removal: Removes noxious odors such as smoke, soot, waterlog, and rot
Oxygenation: Increases the oxygen content of air and/or water

E-Clean Ozone Generator Advantages

(1)   The E-Clean YJ-K Model Stainless Steel Ozone Generator is available in three styles: portable, suspended, or embedded in the air conditioning system
(2) The exterior of the E-Clean YJ-K is 100% SUS304 1 mm stainless steel
YJ-K surface vents are machine-punched for precision airflow
The YJ-K works using only the air in the surrounding environment with no need for any other chemical agents or equipment, and provides an evenly diffused sterilizing effect
   The mobile YJ-K features four omni-direction wheels for convenient movement and transportation
The YJ-K runs quietly at 62 Db or less
The YJ-K control panel features a pressure gauge, current gauge, on/off timer setting, on/off switch, as well as stop and start buttons
The control panel is run on a SOULNI KG316T microcomputer system
  Small and large models are available to provide solutions for any size of operation