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Filter Fan Units (FFU)
Filter Fan Units (FFU)

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E-Clean Filter Fan Units FFU


Introduction to E-Clean Filter Fan Units (FFU)

Along with economical and technological advances in recent years, customer focus has shifted to place more import on product quality. In most cases, product quality is determined by a product's production environment. As a result of this trend, more and more manufacturers are seeking affordable solutions to improve product quality, especially in areas like electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical instruments. Advances in these fields has come in areas such as factory construction, process improvement, automation, and air purification. Air purification standards cover parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, air velocity, and, most importantly, the cleanliness of the air in a production environment. The cleanliness of the air is measured by the amount of microscopic particles present in per cubic meter in the cleanroom. Cleanrooms can be classified into different levels based on the amount of particles per cubic meter in a cleanroom. A cleanroom system is made up of many components. Filter Fan Units (FFU) are the "engines" behind a cleanroom system, and consist of a HEPA filter and a fan unit. These units are mounted in the cleanroom ceiling. Generally speaking, the more filter fan unit coverage on the ceiling, the higher the level of cleanliness of the cleanroom.

FFUs were introduced in the 1960's, and their popularity has grown stedily thanks to constant innovation that has allowed for wider applications. Modern FFUs are available in 110v, 220v and 380v; as well as single phase AC, triple phase AC, and DC configurations.

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E-Clean FFU Advantages

(1) We use direct-drive fan motors that are durable (up to 30,000 hours), quiet, low-maintenance, and low-vibration with fully adustable speed settings.

(2) Our FFUs are constructed from SUS304 Stainless Steel or High-Quality Cold-Rolled Steel Plate, which are both resistant to insects, dust collection, and rust.

(3) Unique Archimedes Screw Style Air Channel Design

(4) All FFUs leaving our factory are first tested to ensure compliance with FS209E standards    


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