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Sampling Booths
Sampling Booths

Series:Sampling Booths
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E-Clean YJ-Q Sampling Booth

 E-Clean Sampling Booths Overview

Sampling booths are laminar airflow enclosures that employ a double filtration system (initial filter - HEPA filter), and commonly used for sampling and testing activities in the pharmaceutical, electronics, precision instrument, cosmetic, and food and beverage industries. They provide a sterile, clean environment for controlled processes that require a great deal of precision and/or accuracy. Sampling booths are suitable for use inside or outside of a clean environment since they are a self-contained structure.

All E-Clean cleanrooms conform to GMP standards, as well as GB1497-85 and GB-191 regulations. Our cleanrooms all meet at least FS209E 10,000 / ISO 7 cleanliness levels, and can be built to meet FS209E 100 / ISO 5. Our sampling booths come equipped with an electronic touchpad control panel, variable drive FFU, adjustable airflow direction, UV sterilization light, and can be built to your specifications. Our sampling booths are available in either 100% stainless steel or high-quality steel plate.

E-Clean YJ-Q Sampling Booth 2

Sampling Booth Use Procedure

  1. Move sampling booth to the desired location

  2. Set the brake to lock the booth's position

  3. Plug in the power cord

  4. Turn on the power

  5. Turn on the fan

  6. Adjust the voltage to the proper level

  7. After 15 minutes, bring in the sampling equipment

  8. After sampling collection is complete and sampling equipment has been removed, turn off the fan and unplug the power cord

  9. Move the sampling booth back to its designated storage location


E-Clean Sampling Booth Styles

Four Different Sampling Booth Styles*

Style A:   Two-sided glass paneling, two sides plastic curtain, no floor

Style B:   Two-sided glass paneling, two sides plastic curtain w/floor

Style C:   Two-sided steel paneling, two sides plastic curtain w/floor

Style D:   Three-sided steel paneling w/interior air shower system

*All Styles available in SUS304 Stainless steel or high-quality steel plate


E-Clean YJ-Q Sampling Booth Spec Sheet

Model YJQ-980
Cleanliness Level FS209E 100-10,000 (ISO 5-7)
Average Air Velocity 0.25-0.6 m/s
Decibel Level ≤58dB
Power Source

AC 220V/50Hz
(can be adjusted per customer request)

Max Power Consumption 0.37kW
Normal Working Conditions 5℃-40℃; Relative Humidity ≤80%
Atmospheric Pressure 86~106KPa

External Dimensions
LxWxH (mm)

700 x 900 x 1900
Variable Drive Fan 5 speeds

 E-Clean Sampling Booths