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Cleanroom Sink Accessories
Cleanroom Sink Accessories

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Cleanroom Sink Accessories

E-Clean Cleanroom Sink Accessories

Cleanroom Sink Drain Plugs

(1) 100% Stainless Steel construction and guaranteed complete fit

(2) Air and water sealed to prevent leakage while resisting dust collection

(3) More durable and resistant to corrosion compared to regular drain plugs

(4) Easy to disassemble, allowing you to completely clean all surfaces

(5)   All E-Clean drain plugs are manufactured to meet GMP standards

(6)   Available in 50, 75, and 100 mm diamater sizes (2.0 mm thick)



E-Clean Automatic Hand Disinfectant Dispensers

YJ Series Automatic Hand Disinfectant Dispensers employ an infrared sensor to automatically dispense hand disinfectant, thereby reducing the risk of potential contamination from contact with the dispenser. Our dispensers are suitable for use in hospitals, food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical cleanrooms, preschools, and other closely controlled clean environments.


Item YJ Hand Disinfectant Dispenser Specs
Power Source 110V/220V/240V; 50/60Hz
Rate of Work 40W
Suitable Temp 5-40℃
Dispensing Speed 0.61 ml/s
Liquid Capacity 2000 ml
Sensor Range 10±3cm
Use Interval ≤4 seconds
Installation Mounted
Exterior Size 260 x 282 x 478 mm
Packaging Size 685 x 648 x 545 mm - Four Units Total GW 16.4 kg
Colors White, Coffee



E-Clean Automatic Hand Dryers